The six things you should consider when you buy a new car NDAB Creativity

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If you just purchased your first car then congratulations. While you are likely thinking about the epic road trips that you can go own, the freedom you now have, and the massive new expense in your life, we want to tell you some other things you should consider. There are many things you should do after buying a car and most first time buyers are unaware of them. With that in mind, here are six things you should consider as a new car owner.

Read the manual

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When you buy a car it comes with a thick manual that usually sits in the glove box. Many drivers will never open that manual but those that do will reap the rewards. The manual will tell you the ideal service requirements for your car, will tell you what fuel grade you should be driving at and will point out any cool features you were unaware of.

When I read my manual it told me that I need to use higher grade petrol or my car would corrode. Older cars tend to work with lower-grade petrol just fine so checking your manual will inform you what the best option is for you. I didn’t read my manual from cover to cover though and only after owning it for about two years when a friend pointed out that I had cruise control, I started to realize there were hidden gems to this car that I had no knowledge of.

Do your research

Insurance is something you will obviously take care of but don’t just jump at the first provider. Take a look at a number of options because based on your age, driving history, and the car you will find the offers from different providers vary quite a lot. Doing a little research will pay off in the long run. 

Service your car regularly

It is obvious that you should service your car regularly but another great tip is to keep every receipt for anything you get for or done to the car. If you need new tires, keep the receipt, keep all records of services or new equipment. When it comes to selling the car this will show how well you looked after the car.

Embrace the car wash

Washing the car may seem like something that middle-aged men like to do every weekend because they are so bored and desperate to show off their pride and joy, but there is more to it. Of course, you just bought a car and you want it to look good, that is enough reason to keep your car looking clean and pristine. The other reason though is that regular car washes actually protect you car. Dirt will eat away at your car’s paint sealer and by washing it regularly you remove that build up and potential issue.

Drive smart

When some people get a new car they like to zip from A to B. It may seem cool but it is just costing you petrol. By accelerating quickly and braking sharply you use a lot more petrol. You may think people are judging your driving behavior as dangerous, and you may be perfectly in control. In reality, most people are just watching you waste your money. Drive at a steady speed to save on petrol and to save on new tires too. 

Park at the back of the lot

A tip that a friend of mine told me and I love. If you park your car at the front of the lot it is super busy and you will get a scratch from another car at some point. Park at the back where there is lots of room to ensure no one gives you a little ding.