The best camping cars Teddy Leung

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Everyone around the world is itching to travel. After being locked up in our houses for so long the idea of setting off is a dream to most people. Depending on the country you are in, the situation and the regulations are likely very different. Traveling internationally has reduced as an option for most countries so many people are looking at what they can do in their own country instead. One area that many people are starting to explore is camping. What better time than during a pandemic to get away and find some isolation from the world. Explore the great outdoors and set up a tent under the stars. If you decided to take your camping seriously you will need the support of a vehicle that can handle large loads and wild terrain. We have scoured the markets and found the best cars for anyone who is interested in camping.

Of course, the essential materials for camping are a tent, a sleeping bag, some good food, and bug spray, depending on what country you are in. Yet as you camp more and more often you will realize that your access to some of the best camping spots is limited by your car accessibility. Yes, there are many places you can simply hike to but that limits what you can carry. If you have a good mode of transport that can handle off-road with ease then you are going to visit some of the best camping spots possible.

The Range Rover

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The first car on our list will come as no surprise, the Range Rover. When most people think of off-road and a vehicle that can handle it, they think of the two Rs. The Range Rover is the classic choice. It has the pedigree with over 50 years of excellence in SUV design and build. The modern Range Rover is not like its older self though, it has been enhanced with all modern installments and can keep pace with any other model in that respect. What really makes the Range Rover stand out though is its ability to take heavy loads. The roof alone can take 100kg on top which means that you can put any heavy items on top of the car and keep the space in the car, free.

Of course, the Range Rover also offers the most spacious boot of any car on our list. The boot can hold a maximum of 909 liters which is incredibly large. The final part of the Range Rover is its incredible off-road ability. This car looks great but delivers too. 

The Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is another great car for camping. It can fit seven people and still has ample boot space of 770 liters so can be relied on for big numbers. When you think of the Audi Q7 though, the stand out difference is the luxury it offers. If you want to reach your camping destination in comfort, then the Q7 is the model for you.

The Lexus NX

Speaking of luxury most people are aware of the high-end Lexus models. While a Lexus will never be the cheapest choice it will never let you down either. The NX is a massive car. It offers a boot size of 475 liters. This may sound incredibly small from reading the catalog but if you drop the rear seats then it immediately jumps to 1,520 liters which blow the competition out of the water.

These are just our three favorite models when it comes to off-road camping. The key things you are looking for are the ability to go off-road, luggage capacity, and roof strength. Once you find a car that ticks off all these boxes you have to get it.