How to vinyl wrap your own car? Ikonoklast Fotografie

People are always looking for new methods of advertising a business. When too many competitors come around, it’s difficult to come up with new ideas that haven’t been tried before. Vinyl wrapping is this new technique that people are doing to get attention. But it’s very important to take the correct steps to use vinyl decals effectively.

Choose the type of vinyl

Not all vinyl is the same. Select from different types of vinyl in varying sizes, styles and colors. Choose the correct amount that you need, along with extra, to cover the entire car from the top of bottom and side to side. Having an excess of the material is better than having too little of it.

Clean the car

First, clean the car’s exterior. Do not apply wrap over filth and debris that’s clogging up the surface. That would be similar to putting makeup on skin that’s covered in grime and dirt. The wrap’s adhesive will not stick and will slip off sooner than expected. Make sure that the entire surface is clean and smooth to make the wrapping easier.

Measure the surface

Measure the vehicle’s surface to know the widths, lengths, and depths of your coverage areas. It’s better to have exact measurements than to make wild estimates and later discover that they’re incorrect. Then, you can save money when buying the wrap next.

Measure the wrap

You may see this as just another unnecessary step, but it could mean the difference between a perfect wrap or a total mess. Having too much wrap means that you’ll need a scissor to cut off the excess. Too little wrap means that you’ll need to apply multiple layers that overlap and leave visible bulges on the surface.

Apply very carefully

Just as you apply tape to a package, you cannot simply slap on the tape and expect it to turn out fine. Apply the wrap slowly and carefully, making sure that you press against it properly. Not doing a good job will leave noticeable bulges and creases in the wrap along with air bubbles that are difficult to get out. Applying a wrap correctly takes some level of technical expertise and planning.

Like advertising, vinyl wrapping is supposed to be straightforward. You simply choose a vinyl wrap, apply it and expect to get good results. In very competitive industries, though, you must take your steps carefully. Find the most effective and long-lasting ways to wrap your car.