How to plan the perfect road trip? Werayuth Tes

You may think the perfect road trip is all about the destination but the truth is it is all about preparation. If you plan your road trip right it will be the greatest holiday you have ever had. Plan it wrong and it is a nightmare waiting to unfold. Follow our key tips to ensure you have the perfect road trip, wherever you go.

Check the car

If you are going on a road trip you will be driving a car or van. If it is nearby your home town it may be your own car, if you are overseas it will be something that you either rent or buy locally. Whatever option you choose, take the car to a mechanic before you set off. While you may think your car is in perfect condition or you really trusted the local who sold it to you in whatever country you find yourself in, it will save you money and needless mental anxiety if you pay for a quick service and check before you go.

The last thing you want is a car breaking down while on the road, so get it checked and have confidence.

Check the map

Don’t ever set off on a road trip without planning your final destination and every stop. That may sound rigid but trust us, we have done that and it results in missing some great things and taking all the wrong pit stops in the wrong places. You want to ensure you are timing your stops at the best places.

You can still allow some freedom in the journey to go to other places so plan for unexpected detours here and there but overall if you don’t plan it down to a minute detail you will suffer the consequences. You should also book a number of hotels in advance to ensure a good night’s rest without paying a huge amount.

Bring entertainment

For the first hour of a road trip, it can be incredibly exciting. You are swapping stories of the road with your friend or partner and the adrenaline is pumping. Three hours in and the road has looked the same for hours now, the stories have run dry and the radio signal is starting to fade. 

Plan your entertainment by bringing lots of battery, speakers, games, podcasts and conversation topics. While you are at it make sure you bring plenty of snacks too. Life on the road gets hungry.

These are our top three tips for having the perfect road trip. Ignore them at your peril.