How to Choose the Best Color For Your Car

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Perhaps you are trying to choose the paint color for your next car. Or maybe you want to repaint your current vehicle. Either way, there are several factors to take into account when choosing the best color for your car. For instance, while choosing a car color that best reflects your personal tastes, also consider how well the paint color hides mud and dirt.

Driving Safety

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Studies on whether car color effects driving safety remains inconclusive. However, you may end up paying more for car insurance if you are drawn to bright colors such as blue and red. Some argue that red cars, over any other color, are more likely to be pulled-over because they attract the attention of the police more easily.

Some insurance companies charge higher monthly premiums for bold colored vehicles, like red, blue, and yellow, as they consider them to be “high-risk.” While other insurance companies may offer lower monthly premiums for colors they have determined to be safer, such as white and silver. These colors reflect sunlight, and therefore are thought to provide better visibility on the road.

Color Psychology

What do you want your car color to convey about your personality? Are you a trend setter? Or do you prefer to blend in with a crowd? Take a moment to consider if you want a car color that stands out from the crowd, is sophisticated, and trendy and stylish. Alternatively, if your personal tastes are more traditional, you will want to chose the best car color that allows you to blend in with the rest of the drivers on the road.

In psychology, every color is thought to represent an emotion. Choose black is you want to appear wealthy and red if you want to express power. Choose a neutral paint color such as tan or beige if want a calming effect that doesn’t draw extra attention to yourself.

Classic Car Paint

If you are repainting a vintage car, it’s important to consider the historical accuracy of the paint color you choose. Over the past century, developments in paint technology have improved. Some of today’s paint colors don’t suit cars from 50 years ago. However, many paint companies have worked to reproduce factory car paint for the most popular historical models.

And yet some colors may still be difficult to find. Some body shops that specialize in painting cars can produce custom colors, but it will cost more than having a standard paint color applied to your car.

Once you have narrowed down your favorite paint colors, consider which one works best with your car’s make and model. For example, bright yellow is a fun color for a sports car, but it wouldn’t suit a van or a SUV which are more conservative in appearance.

Research Popular Paint Colors

Take the time to research the most popular car colors on the road when deciding which is the best color for you. Black, silver, white have always been favorites among buyers. But you may be surprised to discover that natural colors like yellow, gold, brown, and green are increasing in popularity. Trends come and go, and it’s no different with car colors. Researching photos of cars online can open up a world of color possibilities you never thought would suit your tastes.